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Redesign of the M6 Publicité website

The challenge

A user experience in keeping with the Group's brand image

What makes users happy now?

User paths redesigned according to their needs, with useful, targeted content

What made Open Tour so successful?

A modern site, expressing the DNA and power of France's 2nd largest advertising network

The technical solution

WordPress platform, AWS cloud


How do you create a site that fully conveys your brand's DNA?

Growing in a highly competitive market, Open Tour Paris is accelerating its digital transformation, starting with the customer experience. To this end, the brand is redesigning its e-commerce site.

At the time Be API was consulted by M6 Publicité, the site no longer corresponded to the new organization and objectives of the advertising agency. The time had come for an overhaul. A challenge to which Be API was able to provide answers that hit the bull's-eye, both in the tender process and during the redesign. Flash back.

Dual objective: to give flesh to the brand's power and generate leads

"As we had already redesigned the site 5 years earlier, we were particularly happy to win this competition," confides Amaury Balmer, founder and managing director of Be API. The idea behind the redesign was not to start from scratch, but to optimize functionality, SEO and design, while retaining WordPress technology.

In addition to generating leads and boosting brand awareness, the project also aimed to improve user experience and technical performance.

The objective was to position M6 Publicité as the most innovative, diversified, comprehensive and premium advertising network in France.

Antoine Paufichet


UX: working on customer journeys with a content-based approach

Internet user paths have been redesigned with business in mind: to acquire, qualify, convert and build loyalty.

The UX/UI team began by conducting workshops to fully understand the needs of prospects and visitors to the M6 Publicité site. "In particular, we conducted one with the sales team to get a better grasp of customer profiles, their interests, and the motivation behind their visit," says Antoine. "This enabled us to reduce the number of visits from the general public and better target customers interested in our advertising network services. This strategy has led to the creation of landing pages with a strong focus on content and figures (market share of a given target, French people's favorite animator, tech...).

Tech: tailor-made developments

Used to managing projects involving multiple players, Be API enabled the teams at My6, M6pub's customer space, to access the content on the site. Working in partnership with other technical service providers, this involved setting up a webservice using the WordPress REST API, as well as transferring skills in its use.

Finally, Be API also worked closely with the Group's IT department to host the project on the Amazon cloud, in order to achieve optimum performance and ideal integration with M6 Publicité's IS.