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WordPress audits and consulting

Do you need an analysis from France's top WordPress experts? Thanks to our expertise and experience with this CMS, we can diagnose any weaknesses in your platform, and advise you on how to improve it. We can also develop the WordPress interfaces and functionalities we recommend.

Partners and advisors

As your true partners, we'll advise you on every strategic assignment you submit to us. This means that we'll analyze your data in depth, particularly that concerning your user journeys, question the objectives you've set yourself, and ask you detailed questions about your business challenges. Our aim is to provide you with the most comprehensive analysis and the most relevant, high-impact recommendations.

Carry out the audit you need

We carry out various types of WordPress audits, covering quality, state of the art, performance, security and any other WordPress-related subject. Thanks to our devops approach, we can also act as conciliator between WordPress agency and hosting provider to resolve bottlenecks, such as painful scalability issues. These audits result in a written report and can lead to corrective action, and why not a longer-term partnership.

Upgrade your teams' skills

We systematically offer WordPress training for contributors and administrators as part of our WordPress site creation or redesign projects. This covers both the WordPress CMS and project-specific functionalities.


training courses per year

We also offer technical WordPress training and skills transfer if you have technical teams who can contribute to the development of a project. Several of our WordPress agency's talents give courses at various web schools in the Paris region on technical subjects, as well as design.

Would you like to carry out an audit?