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Amaury Balmer, who founded Be API 10 years ago, is the "standard-bearer" of WordPress in France, and a member of the French association's 2019 board. He plays an active role in the CMS's expansion.

Co-founder of the WordPress-Francophone association and co-author of the reference book (by Pearson) on WordPress, Amaury has helped translate WordPress in the past. He has been a member of the WordPress France WordCamps organization since its inception.


million downloads of our extensions

Last but not least, he has developed numerous extensions, some of which have regularly been in the top 10 downloads, such as the Simple Tags extension.

Nicolas Juen and Amaury Balmer at a WordPress WordCamp.

We're active contributors to the community

Every Be API expert, from developer to project manager, SEO, design... is a WordPress specialist in his or her field.

That's why we're actively involved in the community, through conferences, training courses and the development of plugins and extensions. We publish our projects on WP.org and Github.

Amaury Balmer

ceo @ beapi

Nicolas Juen

CTO @ beapi

Clément Boirie

Lead dev back @ beapi

For 10 years we have been giving talks at WordCamps

Every year, you can listen to our speakers at WordCamp & WPtech in France. Click here to see the latest WordCamp conferences.

Our conferences

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WordCamp Paris 2019Nicolas Juen

Nicolas Juen's conference - WordCamp Paris 2016

Alexandre Sadowski's conference - WordCamp Paris 2015

Amaury Balmer's conference - WordCamp Paris 2016

Amaury Balmer's conference - WordCamp Paris 2015

Amaury Balmer's conference - WordCamp Marseille 2017

Our badges show our commitment to the ecosystem

We actively contribute to the development and improvement of the WordPress core. For this reason, we have 6 badges.

Core Contributor

WordCamp Organizer

Translation Contributor

Translation Editor

WordCamp Speaker

Plugin Developer

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