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Covivio:website factory redesigned with Gutenberg

Covivio, formerly known as Foncière des Régions, is a European real estate operator whose mission is to design and manage spaces for people to work, travel and live differently. For over two decades, the group has been redefining the face of European metropolises by offering innovative, sustainable and attractive office space, hotels and housing.


The collaboration began in 2019 with the maintenance ofwebsite factory, initially built with the WPBakery page builder. We set up RUN support, punctuated by the implementation of several evolutions as well as the redesign of the Wellio site, one of the group's subsidiaries. We also changed hosting provider, moving Covivio's sites to WordPress VIP. The reasons: a search for flexibility, quality of service and performance, guaranteed by the VIP offer. Following this, we worked on a recommendation to redesignwebsite factory with Gutenberg, with a view to optimizing costs and management time. The aim was to simplify the contribution experience and set up a robust, scalable platform, while at the same time upgrading the graphic design of the Covivio, Covivio Hotels and Covivio SGP sites.


As part of this collaboration, we designed new templates to modernize the site's design, while remaining faithful to the group's visual identity.

The process included migrating content from WPbakery to Gutenberg and taking over previous functionality.

We adopted a strong "user" approach, with SXO workshops and in-depth data analysis.


This partnership, which began with a maintenance takeover, turned into an ambitious redesign project. We combined our know-how, integrating both the RUN and BUILD phases for an institutional site, for a player in the real estate sector that we know well. Our Gutenberg expertise was a major asset to the success of this project, reinforced by our project management methodology, structured and proven for long-term assignments. This redesign symbolizes a fruitful collaboration that has lasted for over 4 years, and perfectly embodies our approach at Be API, where we privilege relationships based on trust, lasting commitment and in-depth analysis of needs to provide the right answers.

The project is now being managed by Be API.

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