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Free: Redesign of the subscriber portal

Free is a major player in the French telecommunications sector, with over 11 million subscribers. Constantly seeking to innovate, Free aims to provide quality services and stay at the forefront of the latest technological advances in the field.


Free's subscriber portal, the main point of access to its news for over a decade, no longer reflected the modern digital experience Free wanted to offer customers. With a view to improving proximity with its subscribers and adapting the platform to the evolution of its services, Free was faced with a major challenge: to offer an optimized user experience, while increasing content monetization and advertising revenues.


Asked to respond to these challenges, Be API took on the task of redesigning the entire portal. This work encompassed many challenges, from optimizing for various screen types - including television - to managing vast content flows. But the most notable challenge was to create a static version of the site, refreshing every 15 minutes. Thanks to the expertise of our developers, a tailor-made solution was developed to meet this crucial requirement. Our CTO even gave a talk on the subject, which you can find on this page.


With this new portal, Free's subscribers benefit from an improved user experience, in line with new uses and expectations. Internally, Free's editorial team benefits from a more intuitive back office, optimizing their workflow. This redesign marks a significant step in Free's ongoing effort to remain at the forefront of technology.

Not only did Be API pull off a real technical tour de force, to meet demanding and unusual requirements, but they ensured the success of the redesign through their attentive support and cutting-edge expertise in terms of advertising optimization and user experience throughout the project, and even now for future developments!

Pierre Angot


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