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Digital revolution for the Fédération Nationale des Cuma

The Fédération nationale des Cuma (Coopératives d'Utilisation de Matériel Agricole) represents a network of over 10,000 cooperatives belonging to 10 regional federations and 45 departmental or interdepartmental federations. The FNCuma conducts a variety of studies and initiatives in the field, helping to improve the operation of agricultural groups and local dynamics. The FNCuma brings its expertise in a wide range of fields (agro-equipment, rural land management, employment, etc.) to institutional bodies, and works closely with professional agricultural organizations.


The Fédération Nationale des Cuma needed to modernize its digital environment, made up of over 30 websites running on Drupal. The challenges of this transformation :

  1. Enhance the attractiveness of the Cuma, give visibility to the initiatives and values they embody.
  2. Facilitate user contribution through a complex federation network.
  3. Improve the browsing experience for its audiences

Over and above these challenges, the aim was to provide a communication tool that would promote a dynamic image in line with what Cuma is today. A platform to meet the challenges facing agriculture today, such as generational renewal, changes in farming practices and the attractiveness of agricultural professions.


Be API supported the Fédération nationale des Cuma in its digital transformation by proposing a solution based on WordPress and Gutenberg. The redesign ofwebsite factory involved several key technical stages: the creation of specific themes for the national federation, and for member federations; the implementation of advanced content retrieval and synchronization functionalities, according to precise rules for each federation; interoperability with JALIOS, the FNCuma intranet, to retrieve articles and events to be relayed on the sites.

The design team supported our customers through dedicated workshops, to analyze each target audience and optimize the paths according to different behaviors. Finally, a major art direction project was undertaken to faithfully reflect the organization's image and commitments.


Thanks to the close collaboration between our teams, the Fédération nationale des Cuma now has a modern, high-performance website factory . The project has resulted in the creation of a national site and 17 federation sites - the eventual aim being to have one site per federation, i.e. 55 sites. The new sites offer an optimized browsing experience and simplify user contribution throughout the Cuma network. This transformation marks an important step in the positioning of the Fédération nationale des Cuma as a major player in the digital transition of the agricultural sector.

We received excellent support and advice. The teams were very professional and responsive throughout the project: a very constructive collaboration.

Sophie Orivel

FNCumA Communications Manager