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Secours populaire français: Redesigning website factory with Gutenberg

Secours populaire français is a social aid organization committed to building a fairer, more caring world. It provides material, medical, moral and legal support to people affected by social injustice, natural disasters, hunger, poverty and conflict in France and around the world. This decentralized association offers a wide range of support, from emergency aid to global accompaniment, to help those in need.


This project involved the creation of a website factory with Gutenberg, with a migration of the Secours populaire français site from Drupal to WordPress.

Structurally, Secours Populaire Français is made up of a main national agency and over 1,600 territorial entities. The objective was twofold: to migrate the national site, accessible via, and to give the territorial entities the possibility of having their own page or site. A major challenge was to facilitate the appropriation of the WordPress tool by the entire organization.

During this migration and redesign process, three key objectives were set:

  1. Optimize user paths, with particular emphasis on smooth transitions between national and local levels.
  2. Highlight the diversity of the SPF's actions to encourage user involvement, including the collection of donations.
  3. Tailor each mini-site to meet the specific needs of each local entity.


To kick-start the project, we organized a series of scoping workshops, aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs, issues and operations of Secours Populaire as a large-scale charity.

A significant number of bespoke templates have been designed to meet the specific needs of different local entities.

One of the major technical challenges of the project was the interoperability of services. Secours populaire français already has a range of tools in place, covering the management of donations, newsletters and user accounts, among others. It was imperative that the new site fit seamlessly into this complex digital ecosystem.

Another crucial issue was the need to efficiently share and distribute information between the web factory's sites. For this functionality, we implemented our Content Sync Fusion extension, which enabled us to manage significant challenges given the volume of existing content.


The collaboration was a success, with a project lasting over a year and a half. The result is a fully integrated national site - - and over 1,600 local sites (federations, committees, branches). User paths have been optimized, making it easier for users to find information. The site remains an essential donation collection and communication tool for Secours Populaire Français, contributing to the fulfillment of its charitable mission.

The project is now being managed by Be API.

A high-quality collaboration. A team that always listens. A working method in tune with our needs and a high level of technical expertise.

Anne-Marie Cousin

Head of Publications, secours populaire français

National and local sites

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