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Soliha: Creation of a website factory for departmental sites

SOLIHA, a major player in the social economy, is the leading associative movement in the home improvement sector. With 163 organizations in mainland France and the French overseas territories, SOLIHA is dedicated to providing access to housing and helping people stay in their homes, thereby meeting the specific needs of local populations and regions.


SOLIHA's ambition, as a federation of over 163 independent associations, was to raise its profile and visibility. The challenges were to clarify and promote the various services, enhance the offer and facilitate contact with local structures.


Be API rose to the challenge by creating website factory, enabling the deployment of multiple sites for the various associations. These showcases present and promote local structures, while ensuring visibility for the SOLIHA movement as a whole.


The collaboration resulted in the creation of a powerful, personalized platform for each association, giving SOLIHA greater visibility and facilitating contact with the various structures.

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