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We believe in open source to bring companies flexibility, creativity and performance in their digital tools.

Amaury Balmer
Founder of BeAPI

Innovative open-source technology thanks to a global community

Companies, organizations and agencies around the world rely on the power of the WordPress ecosystem to design and run successful, high-performance websites. WordPress is a free, open-source CMS (content management system). It is updated and improved daily by programming, design and documentation experts around the world. WordPress has the world's largest and most active community of any content management system.

A single platform, but a world of possibilities and features

WordPress was built on an architecture that can be 100% adapted to each project, whether backend or frontend. The ecosystem can meet the needs of many types of project: website factory
WordPress is international and multilingual: the core system has been translated into over 70 languages.

A stable, durable and reliable solution

In all developments, we ensure the continued smooth operation of existing applications. A layout (theme) from 2005 will still work perfectly today. A large number of users continually put the CMS to the test, forcing contributors to constantly maintain the code at the heart of the system. Continuous development and improvement are therefore guaranteed.

We always look to see if an extension exists in the WordPress community to meet the need. We only develop ad hoc if no solid solution exists.

Nicolas Juen

A highly scalable tool, capable of integrating the latest technologies

WordPress is a highly interoperable ecosystem with other tools (analytics, CRM, ERP, e-marketing). Its very active developer community ensures that the system can integrate all new development technologies as they emerge, such as AMP, GraphQL and React.

A completely secure tool

An open source CMS, WordPress' source code is open, which means that hundreds of volunteer developers are on the lookout for weaknesses and working to remedy them. A security team handles vulnerability reports and publishes security patches. Security is a top priority for the developers who contribute to the heart of WordPress.

Google loves WordPress

WordPress has all the tools you need to optimize the SEO of any site or interface. With WordPress, your natural referencing will never be a worry, but on the contrary a strategic asset for your project.

The simplest CMS for contributors

The WordPress back office is renowned for being the simplest of all CMS for contributors, including neophytes. The user interface is very user-friendly and is constantly being improved.