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Web factories: Web Factory & Multisite WordPress

Exploit the potential of website factory : a system for industrializing the creation, deployment and maintenance of a network of websites.

Accelerate your digital projects

It's not uncommon for companies to find themselves managing multiple digital platforms. This can lead to considerable costs, security issues and governance challenges.

website factory can help you meet these challenges.

Capitalize on the power of WordPress and Gutenberg

Centralize hosting and maintenance

Simplifying contributions

Streamline costs and lead times

Harmonizing brand image

Projects adapted to the creation of a website factory

International coverage

You are present in several European and/or international countries. Each country can have its own multilingual website.

Distributed organization

You are organized on a territorial basis (country, region, department, locally). The richness of site content can vary according to the representation.


You are organized as a group of companies or subsidiaries. Subsidiaries can adopt different graphics and functionalities.

Saving time and money

1. Achieve economies of scale with a single website factory

By taking advantage of the Multisite functionality built into WordPress, you can manage multiple websites from a single technical infrastructure, automatically reducing production and maintenance costs. This automatically reduces production and maintenance costs.

If your project requires you to maintain several technical instances, the Web Factory solution will be the most appropriate. In this case, you still capitalize on a single WordPress hosting and maintenance package.

Benefit from theme and plugin updates automatically applied to all your sites included inwebsite factory.

2. Harmonize content across all your sites

Consistent messaging and harmonized branding across all digital channels is a recurring concern when managing a network of websites.

As part of awebsite factory WordPress project, we deploy a single WordPress theme that ensures visual consistency, while offering content management autonomy to each site manager.

By using the Gutenberg editor, you can also ensure graphic cohesion within pages, reinforcing unity between different sites.

3. Rapid deployment of new sites (Time to Market)

We develop technical solutions capable of duplicating new versions of the reference site much more quickly, thanks to the Multisite functionality on WordPress. These new versions are templatized, ready to be fed by site managers.

4. Multisite function and content sharing

The architecture of WordPress' Multisite functionality makes it easy to meet the need to share content from one site to another.

Examples include a shared media library, legal page content or a news portal. Content sharing is made possible with little development effort.

To find out more, discover our open-source plugins "Content Sync Fusion" and "Multisite Shared Block".

Multisite, a WordPress term

The WordPress CMS has a Multisite installation mode. This feature was integrated over 12 years ago to facilitate the maintenance of a network of sites.

Thus, WordPress includes in its very structure the ideal foundations for developing a high-performance website factory , designed to help businesses and contributors manage their network of websites on a daily basis. This functionality has reached a significant level of maturity and stability. Combined with the Gutenberg editor, WordPress Multisite is the ideal tool for designing and supporting an effective website factory .

And with over 50,000 existing resources, it's hard not to find the extension you're looking for!

A WordPress Multisite instance is :

A single code base for all sites

One database for all sites

A list of plugins shared on the platform

  • Mu-plugins for all & can't be disabled
  • Plugins activated on all sites
  • Plugins that can be activated on a site-by-site basis

A list of themes shared on the platform

  • Site-by-site activation
  • Limited or not to a single site

A unique user base

  • With customizable roles on a site-by-site basis

WordPress Multisite and custom domain names

"Domain mapping", "Domain routing", "Routing", "Alias"...
Whatever you call it, you can define a personalized domain name for each of the sites on a WordPress Multisite platform.

Organizing your project through a WordPress site factory will enable you to meet all the demands of your teams, and in particular the requirements of the teams in charge of natural search engine optimization (SEO).

At Be API, we have assisted numerous customers with theirwebsite factory projects.

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Soliha: Creation of a website factory for departmental sites

SOLIHA, a major player in the social economy, is the leading associative movement in the home improvement sector. With 163 organizations in mainland France and the French overseas territories, SOLIHA is dedicated to providing access to housing and helping people stay in their homes, thereby meeting the specific needs of local populations and regions.

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Our teams have the necessary experience to support you on different types of projects:

  • Setting up a completewebsite factory ecosystem
  • Redesigning your website factory
  • The development of a website within your website factory