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website factories : Web Factory or Multisite WordPress

Exploit the potential ofwebsite factory : a system that industrializes the creation, deployment and maintenance of a network of websites.

The experience of optimized management

When a company needs to manage several websites simultaneously, it faces challenges in terms of costs, security and governance. Setting up awebsite factory system, through solutions such as Web Factory or WordPress multisites, offers an effective response to these issues.

Why choose website factory ?

Economies of scale

With WordPress Multisite, you can manage multiple sites from a single infrastructure. If your project requires several technical instances, opt for the Web Factory solution - you'll always benefit from a single hosting and maintenance package.

Graphic consistency

Managing a network of sites means harmonizing your brand image. A website factory WordPress site uses a single theme to ensure this visual consistency, while providing great freedom in content management. TheGutenberg editor guarantees graphic consistency in content construction

Rapid deployment (Time to Market)

Thanks to WordPress Multisite functionality, we create solutions that allow you to deploy new versions of your site quickly. These versions are ready to be customized and populated with content.

Content Sharing

WordPress' Multisite structure makes it easy to share content between your sites. Examples include shared media libraries, legal page content and news portals. To find out more, check out our open-source plugins "Content Sync Fusion" and "Multisite Shared Block".

Capitalize on the power of WordPress and Gutenberg, tools that are perfectly calibrated to meet your needs. website factory

Centralize hosting and maintenance

Simplifying contributions

Streamline costs and lead times

Harmonizing brand image

Projects adapted to the creation of a website factory

International coverage

You are present in several European and/or international countries. Each country can have its own multilingual website.

Distributed organization

You are organized on a territorial basis (country, region, department, locally). The richness of site content can vary according to the representation.


You are organized as a group of companies or subsidiaries. Subsidiaries can adopt different graphics and functionalities.

Multisite, a WordPress term

The Multisite installation mode was integrated into WordPress over 12 years ago to facilitate the maintenance of a network of sites.

Thus, the CMS includes in its very structure the ideal foundations for developing a high-performance website factory . This functionality has reached an optimal level of maturity and stability. Combined with the Gutenberg editor, WordPress Multisite is the ideal tool for designing and supporting a solid website factory .

website factories : Be API's expertise

At Be API, the design and redesign ofwebsite factories is one of our key areas of expertise. We have guided numerous customers, such as BNP Paribas and Kiloutou, in the development of centralized, optimized solutions for managing their sites. Our platforms, renowned for their robustness and durability, are testimony to our experience.

Our teams can help you:

  • Setting up a completewebsite factory ecosystem
  • Redesigning your website factory
  • The development of a website within your website factory

The Be API experts have developed numerous extensions to enhancewebsite factories devices, including shared media libraries, domain mapping and centralized content publishing.

  • website factory

Digital revolution for the Fédération Nationale des Cuma

The Fédération nationale des Cuma (Coopératives d'Utilisation de Matériel Agricole) represents a network of over 10,000 cooperatives belonging to 10 regional federations and 45 departmental or interdepartmental federations. The FNCuma conducts a variety of studies and initiatives in the field, helping to improve the operation of agricultural groups and local dynamics. The FNCuma brings its expertise in a wide range of fields (agro-equipment, rural land management, employment, etc.) to institutional bodies, and works closely with professional agricultural organizations.

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