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WordCamp Europe 2023: An immersion in the international WordPress ecosystem


WordCamp Europe 2023

Athens, June 2023 - This year, WordCamp Europe took up residence in the famous Greek capital. The event, which also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the CMS, brought together over 2,545 web experts, professionals and/or enthusiasts from 94 different countries.

A look back at a particularly successful event!

At the heart of the event

Contribution Day: the perfect way to get started

The Contribution Day, held the day before WordCamp, brought together 658 volunteer participants, including four members of the Be API team: Nicolas, agency CTO, Clément, plugin developer, Anne-Marie, project manager, and myself, Alizée, communications manager. We were present at the Polyglot table, dedicated to translation, and the WP CLI table, dedicated to the command-line interface.

This day gives experienced contributors the opportunity to put their expertise into practice, and offers newcomers a gentle introduction to the world of WordPress. Tables specially reserved for beginners were available to familiarize them with the contribution process.

Taking part in this day dedicated to "giving back" is a unique opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the platform at the heart of our business. It's a behind-the-scenes look at WordPress, and an opportunity to enjoy a first day in a small group before the official launch of WordCamp.

Contribution Day. Credit: WCEU organization

A program for all audiences

WordCamp Europe opened its doors the following day. On the program: two days packed with conferences and workshops covering all aspects of the CMS, from technical development issues to accessibility, SEO, marketing and much more.

Whatever your area of expertise or technical level, tailored presentations were offered, reinforcing the principles of inclusivity and sharing within the ecosystem.

The diversity of the speakers was also noteworthy. Renowned experts and contributors shared their knowledge, while new speakers brought a breath of fresh air and innovation. A special mention goes to Tycho de Valk, a 16-year-old speaker who took to the stage to talk about the prospects of Generation Alpha on WordPress - i.e. people born after 2010 (you're welcome).

A host of sponsors

It's impossible to talk about WordCamp without mentioning the event's sponsors. This year, they outdid themselves to offer original and immersive entertainment.

Visiting the stands is an unmissable experience, offering the opportunity to interact with representatives of major companies in the sector, discover new offerings and establish potential partnerships.

The sponsors helped to create a dynamic atmosphere combining communication and entertainment. Of particular note were the "cap grabber" animation on the Elementor stand and the immersive video game offered by Ionos.

Their financial support enables the organizers to put on a large-scale event while offering affordable tickets, unlike other tech events where tickets can be very expensive. In exchange, sponsors benefit from exceptional on-site visibility.

The international WordPress community

A unifying effervescence

WordPress, powering over 40% of the web, benefits from the energy of thousands of people within its ecosystem. And there's nothing like the experience of a WordCamp to grasp its full dimension.

The enthusiasm and effervescence that emanate from these international events are truly unique, and every detail of organization is carefully thought out to ensure the well-being of participants. The joyful reunion of old members and the warm welcome of new ones create a convivial atmosphere that lasts throughout the event.

Embodying shared values

The WordPress community stands out for its ability to embody the fundamental principles of the CMS. In this respect, WordCamp Europe fulfilled its mission by promoting inclusiveness, collaboration, sharing, well-being, mutual aid and innovation.

Through strong messages and concrete actions, the organizers and volunteers created an event that plunges us right into the heart of the WordPress DNA: an essential element for strengthening the sense of belonging, even on an international scale.

WCEU: a must-attend event for Be API

A window on innovation

Events such as WordCamp Europe are unique opportunities to stay at the cutting edge of web innovations, particularly those related to WordPress, in a constantly evolving industry. Conferences and discussions led by experts explore advances in development, design and security on the platform.

New features, best practices and strategic advice are shared, giving participants a valuable perspective on the evolution of the CMS and its ecosystem. This is an opportunity for Be API, as a specialized WordPress agency, to strengthen our expertise and enrich our offerings to deliver ever more effective and sustainable solutions to our customers.

The power of networking

And one of the most valuable aspects of these gatherings is the opportunity to build strong relationships with other industry professionals. Discussions and workshops are privileged opportunities to exchange ideas with our peers, meet new players and discover new approaches.

WordCamp is also an opportunity to bring partners together at dedicated evenings, in parallel with the main event.

Our Be Apistes were able to meet up with our WordPress VIP partners at a party organized by them.

An important opportunity to discuss trends, evolving uses and issues, and to question the best ways of meeting market requirements.

In conclusion, it was a very successful 2023 edition, combining the power of an international tech event with the inspiring energy of the WordPress community. Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers for their hard work and commitment, and see you next year in Turin, Italy, for the next WordCamp Europe!