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Technical overhaul at Dassault Aviation

The challenge

Secure their corporate site to the same extent as their ultra-high-security industrial projects require

What makes customers & prospects happy?

A site that remains available and fluid, even during busy periods such as the Paris Air Show.

What made Dassault Aviation so happy?

Zero hacks and 100% availability for over 6 years.

The tech solution

Systematic and reactive security monitoring, updates and maintenance of the WordPress platform and site extensions.


How do you maintain a site at the highest level of security and performance?

A renowned group, Dassault Aviation designs and manufactures military aircraft, business jets and space systems. Do you know the Falcon? That's them! In their century of existence, they've sold over 10,000 aircraft in 90 countries. And when you're working for the aeronautics and defense aerospace industries of many countries, the number 1 priority is safety. This is the common thread running through Dassault Aviation's collaboration with Be API for its corporate website. A long-standing collaboration that maintains the site at the highest level of security, it was marked by a complete overhaul in partnership with the Tequila Rapido agency.

Be API was able to translate the imagined user experience down to the last pixel. And all this while developing almost blindly, due to our Group's extremely tight security constraints.

Theophane Cotte


An ultra-high-security site

"When we were first approached in 2012 by Dassault Aviation, their corporate site was running on Typo3 and was regularly hacked," recalls Amaury Balmer, founder and CEO of Be API. "Which, of course, they couldn't afford". Dassault Aviation's primary objective was therefore to secure its site for the long term. "We therefore carried out a purely technical overhaul of the platform, with the content and design remaining identical," explains Amaury. "Of course, we also switched to WordPress! The result speaks for itself: zero hacks for over 6 years.

By migrating the entire site to WordPress, we have further strengthened security with the latest redesign.

Nicolas Juen


Tequila Rapido and Be API won the contract to completely redesign Dassault Aviation's corporate website in 2017, with Be API providing technical support. 100 days of development were needed to put a brand-new site online just one month before the Paris Air Show, an incompressible deadline for the customer.

High-flying WordPress maintenance from Be API

Releasing a secure site is all very well. Maintaining it in the best possible safety and operating conditions over the long term is even better. And a must for a company operating in markets as sensitive as Dassault Aviation. That's why Be API has set up a long-term support program to ensure this demanding maintenance. "Our team was designed and sized with this in mind," explains Romain Dorr, TMA Manager at Be API. "We carry out a specific watch on all the extensions used by the site, so that we can always update them in a very reactive way." And once a year, the agency carries out a full security audit, followed by a corrective action plan.
The effectiveness of this system has proved its worth, particularly during peaks in site traffic, such as the Paris Air Show. A Be API team was on call 24 hours a day to ensure the availability of the platform during the event. Objective achieved: the team kept up with the load, with zero hacks on the horizon.
"Constantly optimizing the agile monitoring of the site's security and operational conditions represents 200 hours of maintenance every year," explains Amaury. "We work with a devops approach. We work hand in hand with the customer's hosting provider," concludes Theophane Cotte.

We continue to optimize our site over the long term, capitalizing on Be API's unique technical expertise in WordPress.

Theophane Cotte