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Be API, your DevOps partner

DevOps is a collaborative, proactive approach that merges the efforts of developers and project teams in real time. At Be API, we integrate this philosophy into the heart of our process, to produce high-quality projects faster and more reliably.

The benefits of DevOps for your business

By bringing development and project teams closer together, the DevOps approach promotes automation and monitoring at every stage of the project lifecycle. It also fosters a culture of continuous improvement to achieve objectives while optimizing the technical and functional performance of deployed solutions.

Accelerate production launch cycles

Improve deployment reliability

Promote close collaboration between the teams involved

DevOps at Be API

At Be API, we develop large-scale projects requiring frequent deployments and regular updates. These projects require efficient industrialization processes to ensure flawless reliability.

This translates into :

  • our approach toWordPress architecture: we use tools like Composer to manage PHP packages and ensure seamless maintenance.
  • Continuous Integration (CI) at the heart of our projects. We deploy software forging tools such as BuddyWorks and Composer to implement robust, continuous development processes.

Our processes and technologies

  • At Be API, we're flexible and adapt to your specific needs. Whether you use Github, BuddyWorks, Gitlab or Azure DevOps, we adjust to your in-house tools or use our own tools, ready to be deployed on your projects.
  • As part of our projects, we offer several working environments, from production to acceptance environments. With solid expertise in Linux profiles, we can support you in server configuration and CI/CD setup.

Our deployment process comprises three essential steps:

  1. Application compilation
  2. Code deployment
  3. Cache invalidation

Beyond these fundamental steps, we customize our approach to suit your needs, integrating quality and security testing tools and the ability to run unit tests.

DevOps in TMA

In the event of a problem, we intervene quickly to understand and resolve incidents occurring during compilation or in production. Our aim is to keep the platform running smoothly and guarantee its long-term viability.

Specific expertise

Our scope of action is not limited to complete projects; we are also involved in very specific areas of expertise, such as supporting other partners in setting up tools and deployments in the cloud.

Ready to transform your processes with DevOps?