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WordPress extension for software publishers

Do you work for a software company and want to use WordPress and/or WooCommerce to boost your growth? Excellent idea! At Be API, we're committed to providing you with a solution that reflects your identity and values, and meets your expectations.

Developing robust WordPress extensions

An extension perfectly integrated into your solution

We know that seamless integration of your extension into your existing software solution is crucial. With our in-depth expertise and knowledge of WordPress standards, we eliminate technical conflicts and ensure a smooth integration.

A real growth driver

Our customers aim for growth, and our extensions are designed to evolve rapidly. Meet the growing needs of your end-users while maintaining optimum performance. Together, we'll develop a growth vector tailored to your ambition.

A real growth gas pedal

Your goal is growth, and our extensions are designed to get you there fast. Meeting your users' evolving needs while maintaining optimum performance is our priority. Together, we'll develop a growth lever tailored to your ambitions.

A tailor-made solution for your company

Every software solution is unique, and so is our approach to WordPress extension development. Working closely with your business and technical teams, we customize our extensions to meet your specific needs. Working hand in hand, we create a product that fully represents you.

A team of WordPress experts at your side

When you choose Be API, you're opting for exclusive expertise. As France's leading WordPress agency for 15 years, our developers are seasoned experts. We put our in-depth knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem at your disposal, as well as top-notch support, from design to publication of your extension.

Our in-depth technical expertise

at the service of your project

WordPress extension development has been one of our specialties since our creation in 2009: we design and develop extensions on a daily basis.

Our achievements are numerous, with dozens of extensions published on the official directory and on open-source Github. Regular updates guarantee the compatibility and security of our products.

Quality guarantees: top-quality technical production

We are committed to maintaining high development standards, in line with WordPress rules and standards. Our goal: to provide you with quality products, systematically approved in the WordPress ecosystem.

Ongoing support: beyond development

Our commitment doesn't stop at technical delivery. We offer ongoing support to ensure the continued performance of all our extensions. Our team accompanies our customers every step of the way, from design to publication on the WordPress platform.

Creation of customized documentation and FAQs

We don't just develop your extension, we go a step further by producing detailed documentation and a customized FAQ. This facilitates the smooth release of each plugin and guarantees an optimal user experience.

Ready to accelerate your digital projects