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Project management: expertise for your success

The choice of partner agency is based on a number of decisive criteria, including project management maturity. With 15 years' experience and the realization of numerous large-scale WordPress projects, we have developed a proven methodology, mastered by our experts, to guarantee optimal support.

Experts in web project management

Launching a digital project brings with it high expectations, particularly when it comes to meeting deadlines and budgets. To meet these expectations, we have developed a robust and consistent methodology, applied uniformly to all our projects. This approach enables us to guarantee :


of schedules respected


of successful projects

A subtle balance between agility and traditional methodology

Because we run projects with no major technological uncertainties, we can guarantee our production times and anticipate every stage of the project.

We apply a traditional project methodology, to which we judiciously integrate the most relevant aspects of the agile method - such as development sprints and regular demos. This approach enables us to spread out the technical production phase and optimize the project's operational efficiency.

Quality assurance tailored to your needs

For large-scale projects, we offer to set up a customized Quality Assurance Plan (QAP): we contractualize our methodology to meet your exact requirements and maintain our commitment to operational excellence.

Managing projects under public procurement contracts

For years, we've been responding to public tenders to work with local authorities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and museums. We've honed our know-how and our way of working through a multitude of projects for public bodies.

For 15 years now, we've been using our expertise and the power of WordPress to create institutional sites,website factories, e-commerce sites, and even WordPress extensions, for our public sector customers.

Our methodology

More than just a succession of steps, our expertise has been forged over the years to ensure that your projects are carried out in the best possible conditions.

1. Kick-off - Project launch

The starting point of every project is a moment of alignment where we establish the basics. It's here that we discuss your objectives and expectations, and clearly define the project's scope.

2. Collaborative Workshops

Workshops are where the expertise of our teams meets your vision. We work closely together to identify challenges and refine strategy, ensuring a thorough understanding of your needs.

3. Mock-ups & wireframes

The creation of a wireframe guide ensures visual consistency and an optimal user experience. Each visual element is strategically considered, guiding the design phase.

4. Design and layouts

This phase includes the meticulous creation of models, a crucial step preceding technical production.

5. Development sprints

Development sprints, with regular validations, ensure an iterative and responsive process. Every step forward is validated with customers, avoiding the tunnel effect and promoting convergence towards your vision.

6. Acceptance - Quality guarantee

The acceptance phase is the final stage, where every feature is meticulously tested. This stage ensures that the final product meets your requirements and is ready for successful deployment.

Ready to accelerate your digital projects?

We put our commitment to operational excellence at the service of your digital ambitions. Contact us for tailor-made support.