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Creation and redesign of media sites

A strategic investment, the creation or redesign of a media site reinforces your credibility, establishes your expertise and captivates a loyal audience, setting you apart in a competitive market. At Be API, we've mastered the art of developing platforms dedicated to content distribution, generating significant audiences for our customers.

WordPress: a platform designed for content distribution

Capitalizing on the intrinsic strengths of WordPress, we design high-performance, sustainable and scalable sites for our customers. Our expertise combined with the power of the CMS guarantees reliable, high-performance technical solutions.

  • Thanks to its intuitive interface, WordPress offers publishers the ease of publishing content while integrating a wide range of multimedia features.
  • Its SEO-optimized structure makes it a reliable option, meeting the requirements of editorial teams in terms of contribution interface and SEO quality.
  • The WordPress ecosystem, rich in extensions and themes, ensures adaptability to all requirements. Resources specifically dedicated to media sites, such as the MultiCollab extension offered by a WordPress VIP partner agency, underline the relevance of the CMS for the creation and management of editorial content.

Be API: media site experts

We design advanced, tailor-made solutions that set new standards in performance and efficiency, drawing on our different areas of expertise.

To guarantee optimum visibility, we draw on API Growth's SEO expertise, ensuring precise analytical tracking of the audience for the platforms we design.

Our Designers

work closely with your teams to develop intuitive, mobile-first designs and optimized customer journeys.

Our developers

particularly skilled in web performance and scalability management, offer state-of-the-art technical solutions to ensure content service and fast loading of your platform.


We master the optimization of monetization solutions, including the integration of advertising networks and the maximization of financial revenues through strategic positioning of advertising.

Would you like to create a high-performance, sustainable and scalable media site?