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The hybrid organization

Although Be API's head office is in Paris, we're proud to have employees all over France. This organization allows us to be close to our customers while working with the best WordPress experts, wherever they may be.

Telecommuting in the agency's DNA

2009-2014 : The beginnings of hybrid teleworking

Right from the start, flexibility was encouraged. Our employees had the freedom to telework when necessary.

2014 : The advent of full-time telecommuting

When one of our employees chose to move to the Basque coast, he became our pioneer of full-time telecommuting, demonstrating that distance doesn't limit effective collaboration.

2016 : Widespread adoption

With the arrival of three full-time teleworkers, we have seen a significant increase in our workforce, reaching 25%.

2017: Structuring and formalization

We have set up a dedicated telecommuting charter and signed an agreement guaranteeing optimal conditions for all, even extending telecommuting to our employees in the Paris region.

2020 : No change

At a time when the global pandemic was forcing most companies to adopt teleworking, Be API was already equipped to deal with the situation.

2024: An upward trend

Today, 40% of our employees work full-time from home, while the remaining 60% adopt a hybrid working model, combining office presence and teleworking.

Coworking with Be API

We offer our remote collaborators the possibility of working from coworking spaces. Be API takes care of subscriptions for those who prefer to work in a dedicated environment.

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