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Maintenance WordPress et TMA

Our WordPress TMA experts are committed to ensuring the stability andcontinuous improvement of your WordPress platforms. Whether it's to optimize your site or resolve anomalies, we implement tailored solutions to maintain sustainable, high-performance platforms.

Les 3 types de maintenance

Our teams propose a customized support plan for each project.

Maintenance de prévention

Maintenance de correction

Maintenance d’évolution

Preventive maintenance

Veiller à la sécurité et au bon fonctionnement de la plateforme constitue la base de notre approche préventive.

  • Pack “Supervision WordPress”
  • Garantie de temps d’intervention (SLA/GTI/GTR)
  • Account manager dédié
  • Outil de ticketing (Redmine)

Corrective maintenance

La maintenance WordPress corrective concerne toutes les actions menées pour corriger les erreurs, les bugs ou les dysfonctionnements constatés sur le site après sa mise en ligne.

Be API's TMA experts combine technical skills with the right organization to implement effective corrective maintenance actions.

  • Technical expertise
  • Reactivity
  • Availability
  • Monitoring methodology
  • Preventive approach

Evolutionary maintenance

Nous nous engageons à une amélioration continue qui s’intègre parfaitement à notre activité de maintenance WordPress à long terme. Notre approche proactive se traduit par des propositions d’évolution sur mesure pour vos projets, visant toujours à maximiser votre présence en ligne.

  • Audience development
  • Improved conversions
  • Environmental impact monitoring
  • Optimized performance, and much more.

Thanks to regular exchanges, we ensure continuity in the achievement of the objectives set at the design and initial launch stages.


of projects carried out by the agency are monitored under maintenance


of projects carried out by the agency are monitored under maintenance


active TMA projects to date


annual average of TMA with our customers (over 500h for our largest customers)

Multidisciplinary approach

Our approach is characterized by complete TMA, covering corrections and upgrades for all types of business (development, design, SEO, etc.).

Interaction with the host

We maintain ongoing interaction with your hosting provider to ensure the stability of your WordPress platform.

Commitments and quality standards

We commit ourselves to deadlines and availability, by contractualizing our commitments (NCD). As a result, your platform benefits from meticulous, reliable management, in line with our promises.

On-call and availability

For uninterrupted availability, we provide on-call services during working hours. This reactivity guarantees uninterrupted business continuity in the event of an emergency.

Pré-Audit gratuit

If your project was carried out by a third party, take advantage of our free pre-audit. A WordPress expert will evaluate your site in depth, identifying opportunities for improvement and necessary corrections.

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