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WordPress maintenance by Be API

Would you like to build a project using the WordPress CMS? You've made the right decision! The Be APIWordPress agency offers you a better way to achieve a sustainable* project with the WordPress CMS. Traditionally, the lifespan of a web project is between 3 and 5 years. Our raison d'être: to bring you digital happiness throughout the operational phase of your WordPress site.


of projects carried out by the agency are monitored under maintenance

The 1% corresponds to projects where WordPress TMA is carried out by the customer's in-house teams via a reversibility phase.

4.2 years

average project life at Be API


date of creation of the WordPress TMA division


active TMA projects

Depending on your requirements, we can support you in testing and continuously improving the performance of your web platform, with a view to ROI. For example, we can carry out regular SEO reviews or monthly A/B testing, with recommendations for optimizing your site.

Ludivine Roland


Why choose Be API to maintain your site?

A maintenance offer tailored to your needs

For our customers, we develop WordPress maintenance packages tailored to your technical requirements (customer-specific or external technical architecture), and human resources (account manager).
When it comes to maintenance, too, we're all about customized solutions.

Flexibility and scalability

We know that your WordPress maintenance needs and requirements can change from month to month, so we've put in place a flexible organization, able to absorb any increases in workload that may be required (both during working hours and on-call).

In fact, in addition to our dedicated maintenance team, all our developers also devote time to these operations.

Maintain your site at optimum performance and security levels

We carry out preventive maintenance on WordPress projects, through regular updates of WordPress (as part of a new version, for example) and its extensions, to avoid any interruption in service. The agency keeps a close watch on these issues, so that patches can be applied as soon as they are released.

On a daily basis, the team also deals with reported anomalies, depending on the criticality of the problem. In the event of an anomaly in production, an incident report is systematically drawn up to trace the various actions taken, and propose long-term corrections.

Upgradeable platform maintenance

We may also be called upon to make significant changes to your platform during the RUN phase of your project. The agency then offers a choice of TMA or project mode, with the usual stages of a web project.

The agency carries out continuous monitoring and supports its customers to ensure that their platform is compliant (RGPD), while taking into account developments in the internets (SEO, etc.).

Has your web project been carried out elsewhere?

We maintain the WordPress websites we've developed for our customers, as well as websites created by third parties. We call this third-party application maintenance (TMA).

In this case, your project is analyzed by a WordPress expert, and a pre-audit is carried out to assess the possibilities of resumption, as well as any corrective actions to be taken.

This pre-audit is not intended to assess the real, objective quality of your project, but rather to evaluate whether your project is in line with the agency's development practices. For example, the use of page builders such as Elementor, Divi or WPbakery are blocking the resumption of a TMA project, as they are not technologies used by the agency, and for which we do not wish to intervene.

Once the pre-audit has been completed, we carry out the onboarding of your project on our environments, an essential step for the success of the maintenance phase.