E-commerce site with WooCommerce

Your business deserves an e-commerce platform that matches your ambitions and is designed to meet the highest standards. With WooCommerce, the extension renowned for its remarkable modularity and widely deployed around the world, and our team of dedicated experts, we create robust online sales platforms tailored to propel your commercial success and simplify day-to-day management.

WooCommerce: the strategic pillar of your e-commerce site

Advanced modularity and customization

Our team of experts harnesses the modularity of WooCommerce to create customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business strategy. From custom design to advanced feature integration, we tailor your online store to accurately reflect your brand identity and achieve your business goals.

Comprehensive functionality and integrated safety

From order management to inventory management, and even setting up promotional campaigns, WooCommerce offers a complete range of tools to effectively manage your business. Its integrated dashboard provides a detailed overview of your online activity, giving you a clear view of your store's performance.

In terms of security, our teams keep a close eye on the safety of your platform with regular updates and advanced security measures, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for your customers.

Quality of natural referencing

By using best practices and integrating advanced SEO features, we ensure that your site is well positioned in search results, increasing its visibility and attracting qualified traffic to your online store.

Be API expertise for your success

Rely on the expertise of France's leading WordPress agency.

Controlling purchasing paths

Our 100% integrated design team has in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce field. Drawing on its experience, our 100% integrated design team creates optimized, high value-added customer journeys. By working closely with our customers, we fully understand their objectives and challenges, enabling us to create optimized, effective shopping paths.

Optimum interoperability

By integrating your e-commerce site at the heart of your digital ecosystem, we ensure perfect synchronization between your online store and your management tools. Whether integrating order flows into your management systems or synchronizing customer data with your CRM, our approach aims to improve operational efficiency, reduce errors and deliver a more consistent, personalized customer experience.

Inventory and order management

Seamless integration with your inventory management systems for efficient order management

Financial management

Automatic synchronization of financial transactions with your accounting systems for seamless financial management.

Process automation

Reduce manual tasks by automating processes, thus increasing operational efficiency.

Personalizing the customer experience

Leverage data and integrate your CRM to deliver a personalized, relevant customer experience

We facilitate the integration of your WordPress site with a range of leading solutions: Salesforce, akeneo, Eudonet, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics ...

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