Intranet creation with WordPress

Would you like to boost your internal communications with an effective, scalable portal? At Be API, we can help you create a personalized Internet site, designed to meet your company's specific needs.

The intranet: the backbone of your internal communications

Centralized information

Your Intranet becomes the central point for all internal communications, making it easier to distribute and access news, regulatory information and internal policies.

Easy access

Your teams will have instant, intuitive access to all the internal resources and tools they need, promoting collaboration and communication within your organization.

Customized intranet

We design fully customized Intranets, specifically adapted to your company and your internal communication objectives.

We take charge of the complete creation of your Intranet, from design to operational deployment.

Intranet / extranet: the same battle

Nos équipes déploient une vraie pensée UX/UI pour offrir des expériences optimales aux publics concernés – que ce soit vos salariés, vos partenaires ou vos agents commerciaux.

Nous personnalisons les parcours pour répondre aux besoins des utilisateurs, créant ainsi des plateformes attrayantes et fonctionnelles.

Guaranteed interoperability

With Be API, you benefit from top-level technical expertise. We ensure that your Intranet integrates seamlessly with your information system, facilitating interoperability with other essential tools and functionalities, such as :

  • interface with your career management tool
  • directory and organization chart management
  • connection to your authentication service (SSO SAML, OpenID Connect, Ldap, etc.)

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