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Gutenberg and design: Revolutionizing thedesign experience

The advent of Gutenberg has profoundly transformed the approach to design on WordPress, which stands out as the most reliable and flexible content editing tool. That's why at Be API, we've adapted our entire methodology around this editor.

Gutenberg: the perfect blend of technology and creativity

The right balance between freedom and simplicity

Our projects target contributors, not just webmasters. Gutenberg's interface offers balance and a more pleasant user experience.

Optimum web performance

The tool optimizes web performance and guarantees excellent ratings on PageSpeed and Web Core Vitals indicators.

Accessibility for all

The editor complies with RGAA standards.

Carefree maintenance

Gutenberg's technological approach allows us to look to the long term with confidence.

Atomic design for user experience

Integrating Gutenberg into our projects goes beyond simply creating templates. The editor's philosophy favors atomic design: starting with the smallest element (an atom) to compose blocks (molecule) and design pages (system).

We thus design blocks that can be used in different contexts to ensure a homogeneous, personalized and easy-to-use interface for the end contributor.

This set of blocks, called the WordPress Design System, offers great flexibility in page composition and content editing - while ensuring harmonious and coherent interfaces.

UX Writing: adapting structure to content

UX Writing is an essential aspect of successful website design: the structure of the site must be adapted to the content to effectively serve your message and strategic objectives.

That's why our design teams put in place a process that takes your final content into account to develop an effective Design System and attractive content organization recommendations - and not the other way around.

Be API, the Gutenberg agency

Our approach to Gutenberg goes beyond its traditional use: we incorporate it into a global strategy to meet companies' precise needs.

Our teams are specially trained to design projects that perfectly integrate the editor's functionalities from start to finish. Right from the design phase, our wireframes integrate all concepts (blocks, compositions, models, etc.) and our mock-ups are compatible with Gutenberg's specific features.

Johannes: our UX wireframes kit designed for Gutenberg

The tool, available as open source on Figma, was developed by our design teams to industrialize and optimize our production processes. A guide to attractive, responsive and flexible wireframes, designed for :

  • Save precious time when creating interfaces
  • Anticipate all needs right from the design phase
  • Involving all teams in the WordPress universe

Want to optimize your Gutenberg experience?