SXO: Merging SEO and user experience

At the crossroads of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX) lies SXO, an essential strategy for creating well-positioned, intuitive, fast and adaptive sites.

The SXO approach

The aim is to convert traffic into loyal customers, by :

  • search engine visibility
  • and optimal user experience.

This means implementing a rigorous SEO strategy and analyzing data to understand and improve each stage of the customer journey.

To create the right product, we always start a project by learning. From our customers, but especially from our customers' customers.

Antoine Paufichet, Head of Design at Be API

Create the right product with Be API

Our aim is to deliver the tool or interface that best meets your users' needs.

  1. By observing your end customers, we seek to identify their needs and frustrations.
  2. We prototype wireframes for user testing.
  3. We design the visual universe best suited to your target audience and your brand.

Design Thinking enthusiasts...

... we think, design, develop and optimize WordPress sites according to your users and your goals.

Putting the contributor at the center...

... of the tool is at the heart of the WordPress philosophy and its intuitive interface.

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